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About Waco ENT

Waco Ear, Nose and Throat has been dedicated to caring for Central Texans since 1946. The mission of Waco ENT is to provide and coordinate state-of-the-art healthcare to meet patients' needs in a timely fashion.  

Waco ENT is a provider for most major insurance plans including:

  • Scott & White
  • Firstcare,
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United
  • Humana
  • Cigna and many more.

Waco ENT continues to accept new patients.


What Do We Treat?
Ear, Nose and Throat disorders affect people of all ages and walks of life. If a child's allergies limit the joy they experience on the soccer field, we can help. If an 83-year-old grandmother struggles to hear the song of her granddaughter, we can help. For any condition that ails the ears, nose, or throat areas of your body, we can probably help.*
Some of the more common disorder that we treat include: tonsillitis, adenoids, ear tubes, snoring/sleep apnea, sinusitis, voice and swallowing disorders, head and neck cancer, surgical treatment of the thyroid, skin cancer on the face, hearing loss and many more. We also provide audiology and speech pathology services.

Does Waco Ear, Nose & Throat dispense hearing aids?
Yes. We dispense hearing aids through the Little River Healthcare - Physicians Hearing Center. We offer a broad range of brands and levels of hearing aids, and are committed to helping you transition to their use in the smoothest and most stress free way possible.

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Waco ENT hosts a monthly support group for those who want to know more about surviving throat cancer and post-surgical voice prosthetics. This support group also offers a way for survivors to share experiences and successes with each other. The group meets on the first Wednesday of each month in the conference room at Six West Medical Center and is facilitated by a speech pathologist experienced in the area of communication post-layngectomy. To be placed on the mailing list, individuals or physician offices should call Waco ENT at 254-776-7744.

Waco Ear, Nose & Throat
treats all your otolaryngology needs,
in addition to offering audiology
and speech pathology services.


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